Love Why the word should be used in the business arena

We need to change the way employees work and distribute their energy

You?ll have no doubt read the title and wondered why anyone would use the “L” word in conjuction with business. How can it be part of the demanding, harried world of the average manager, when the priority is to just get the business done, to the highest standard

Superdry CFO: My biggest mistakes and accomplishments

Chas Howes Superdry

When you’re the CFO or FD of a company, then planning for growth will be a key priority. Chas Howes, former head of finance at Superdry, sets out what his goals were for the company and what he would change if he could turn back time.

Seven habits of highly effective finance directors

To be one of those highly effective finance directors, you have to be up-to-date on all the latest accounting standards, be know the latest developments in tax legislation and spend long hours in your office reviewing reconciliations and signing off VAT returns. That’s right isn’t it” No.