Business lessons from Star Wars: How to become a Jedi company

Like most kids, I loved Star Wars and was enthralled by the adventures of the rebellion fighting against the evil empire. All I wanted to do when I grew up was become a Jedi like Luke Skywalker. Not much to ask, but then again I’ve always been ambitious even as an eight year old. As I got older, a funny thing happened a Jedi Knight I became thanks to the lessons from Star Wars movies!

Follow Lego’s footsteps in putting the customer first

Becoming an organisation that puts the customer first, particularly when the customer hasn’t traditionally been central to the company’s culture, is a major transformation which requires a deep understanding and commitment.

Every company across the globe needs a bullsh*t radar

The bullsh*t meter is a subjective determination of what deserves attention in a world full of clickbait and limitless content, so we spoke with three experts on why businesses need one and the way consumers use it.

Can you stop employees saying what they think you want to hear

The Brexit vote, splits in the Labour party and rise of Donald Trump in the US all demonstrate what happens when the establishment finds itself out of touch with populist thinking. But it’s not just politicians who can end up in a world of their own – it can happen within companies too.