Awards celebrate business achievements of military veterans

Military veterans hold transferable skills that are perfect for roles in the business economy. However, many don’t get the chance to prove themselves due to stigmas surrounding the applicability of ex-military candidates during recruitment processes. But there is light on the horizon for ex-servicemen and women in the UK, as it’s nearly time for the second annual British Ex-Forces in Business Awards, a unique event that celebrates the commercial achievements of military veterans who have found a second career in the private sector.

Securing public contracts: Are SMEs finally getting a look in?

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The ability to bid for and secure public contracts has, for a long time, been in the hands of larger companies. A new government initiative hopes to give SMEs more of a chance, but will it do enough to change the unequal bidding landscape for good

Clubs, pubs and bars form integral part of UK economy

The Night Time Industries Assocation (NTIA) has compiled a new “Forward Into The Night” report, which found that six per cent of the UK's GDP is generated by nighttime businesses. It called on further government support to “champion one of the UK's most culturally significant industries”.