Five surefire methods to build a high-performing organisation

New Zealand’s All Blacks rugby team won 86 per cent of their games in recent years. Manchester United football club in its heyday vexed its opponents by often winning games in extra time. What it all boils down to is that you’ll instantly know a high-performing organisation when you see one.

The big corporate culture challenge

There is no one size fits all approach for getting corporate culture right, not least because it will be truly unique to each organisation. That said, there are ways to tackle it head on.

Why leaders have sleepless nights about culture

In business, culture is your competitive edge, giving you the context you need as a leader to align purpose and values to create a winning team. So it’s suffice to say it’s caused many sleepless nights for bosses.

You need to set the scene for staff to perform

Increasingly modern day culture has veered towards an almost diva-like attitude to employment, meaning we have to work harder to recruit and retain good people. But unless we do so, we have no hope of having a successful company.