Why cash management in business is king

While revenue, profit and costs are all equally important, your cash management, in terms of your daily, weekly, monthly trading, is what keeps your company afloat. Ignore it at your peril.

The difference between tax and duty

For the government to meet our demands for better healthcare and education, it first has to earn revenue from somewhere. So it pays to know the difference between tax and duty, its primary sources.

Shhh don’t mention business cash flow

Business cash flow

As a self-described man of words, not numbers, Simon Whitehead is not a fan of managing business cash flow but knows how key it is at the start of a year.

HMRC cracks down on SME directors

Vernon Dennis explains why, despite the UK tax gap being at a record low, HMRC has placed SMEs in its crosshairs as a way of reducing it even more.