Londons hottest residential areas for wealthy banking professionals

London is often considered the business capital of Europe, so it’s unsurprising many workers in the capital have high-flying careers – but which areas do they consider the most prestigious To make mingling with peers easier, a study has highlighted the locations where wealthy professionals have taken up residence.

Astonishing number of Londoners are millionaires

The number of millionaires in London is on the rise, so the next time you feel like giving someone attitude on public transport in the capital, just remember you could well be in line for a funding round with the right attitude.

The most generous business founders and CEOs alive today

While many leading business figures are renowned for focusing on making money first and foremost, a Saudi business magnate and investor has just announced he plans to give away his £28bn fortune. His pledge may be extremely charitable, but he's not the only one making such extensive efforts to give back.