Establishing whether pay-per-click works for your company

Pay-per-Click (PPC) advertising, like Google AdWords, can be an amazingly powerful tool for sending interested, relevant visitors to your website. However, it’s easy to get wrong – and without careful thought and implementation it can end up being an expensive exercise for small businesses.

Six steps to cement the success of your ecommerce website

“Your website is your shop window” is an often-used phrase in online retailing, and one that continues to ring true for the majority of small business owners. No matter what your industry, your website is a fantastic branding tool that – when running smoothly – can have a real impact on business success, helping to attract and maintain customers and stimulating growth as a result.

So you think you own your domain Think again's Daniel Foster explains why owning your domain is so important, how to go about getting it back if it's in someone else's possession and who else is likely to be the owner if not you.