Is leaving work early actually a sign of effective time management?


Within the world of work, it’s taken as a given that those employees who leave work ‘on time’ are seen as underperforming compared to their counterparts who exceed their stated work hours. But why is this” Is this a productive cultural trend to encourage in the workplace Moreover, are we as employers unknowingly encouraging this practice of presenteeism to our the detriment of our own businesses?

Sexual harassment and the City: Will London’s financial hub ever be safe

All employees have the right to feel safe and secure in their places of work, as they should in all aspects of their lives. But what happens when a person is violated sexually at work” I want to tell you about a victim who is taking on the financial might of a City institution to fight for her rights.

Time-poor and poorly a perfect storm for SMEs

Sickness absence is a problem for all businesses. For SMEs, it accounts, on average, for over five lost working days per employee per year, according to the CIPD. Virtual GP services are beginning to change that.

When perks aren?t enough: Wellbeing needs a culture shift

In collaboration with AXA PPP healthcare, Real Business consults three SME leaders passionate about workplace wellbeing to find out why a culture shift is so important and how personal experiences have informed their attitudes to work and wellbeing.

Why SMEs must get their company culture right

Company culture is a term that gets thrown about a lot. But establishing a clear and easily memorable company culture based on founding values, visions, and a team mission, makes businesses run better from the inside out.