Prioritising Employee Wellbeing During the Shift to Hybrid Working

employee wellbeing

The past year has brought a fundamental change to the way we think about business and working environments, shifting expectations of what’s possible for employees and businesses of all shapes and sizes across the country. As 76% of businesses expect hybrid working to become more common amongst their workforce[1], leaders and managers need to consider […]

Five ways to boost natural light at work

Boost natural light in the workplace

Much of the business world works inside, in offices large and small, delightful or dingy. But what are the benefits of natural light in the workplace and how can you increase it in your office

How to reduce absenteeism in the workplace

It’s predicted that workplace absence will cost UK businesses an estimated £21 bn in lost productivity by 2020. As a business leader, you must invest in the health and wellbeing of you and your team. But one size doesn’t fit all.