Take a peak at the world’s most unusual office spaces

If you ever want to feel like you’re a part of a spy movie on a daily basis, then consider working for Swedish Internet service provider Bahnhof. Let’s say that the company was looking for a secure facility, and boy did it find one. It is located in a nuclear bomb shelter that was used during the Cold War. And it took more than two years to blast out the 141,000 cubic feet of extra space that Bahnhof needed to fit its backup generators and server racks into the caves.

The Pionen facility, accessed through foot-thick steel doors, was actually inspired by old sci-fi films. Bahnhof CEO Jon Karlung, who worked briefly as a film archivist, claimed that he immediately thought of putting plants in the underground caves to capture the vibe of the film?Silent Running.

The architectural firm behind the bomb shelter turned office, Albert-France Lanord, was asked to bring human comforts from earth underground, such as plants, light, water and technology. “We created strong contrasts between rooms where the rock dominates and where the human being is a stranger, against rooms where the human being took over totally,” the company said.

Sticking to the somewhat movie-inspired theme, wouldn’t it be cool to work onboard a pirate ship? Believe it or not, it’s possible!

Inventionland is as you imagine from its name an invention factory, churning out top inventions all year round. Having taken 18 months to construct, the company houses several offices, which are home to caves, a tree house, a shipwrecked pirate ship and even a giant shoe.?

George Davison founded the company in 1989, and has suggested that by using a unique office style he help his employees brainstorm and create new ideas.

He said: “Creative use of space motivates and inspires creativity among employees. And I never want to get stale or to get bored looking at a computer screen.”

And what would the list be without adding shipping containers to the list? Pallotta TeamWorks differs to all the others for one reason, and that?s the budget. It was limited to just $40 per square foot, which forced the designers to think outside the box.

Pallotta TeamWorks grew out of its existing offices and needed more space, which was found in a large warehouse. The company contracted?Clive Wilkinson Architects?to come up with a solution for creating an inspiring new headquarters inside the warehouse on a tight budget. The result is a?shipping container?city???much like sky scarpers the boxes were piled on top of each other???topped with tents that are reminiscent of the very events that Pallotta sets up.

Why tents, you ask? ?Pallotta was unable to afford keeping the entire space air-conditioned, hence the use of shipping containers?and large tents to create ?breathing islands? inside the warehouse. These self-contained air-conditioned islands of activity provide space for each department within the company and gives them each an identity.

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