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Would you take your next holiday in virtual reality?

Space tourism: where will your next holiday take you?

GP Management specialises in customised event management, so that businesses and their clients can benefit from extraordinary experiences. Its aim is to help businesses create events that perfectly showcase [their] brand .

Each event is unique and tailored to the business in question, and whether it’s for a day or weekend, they hope to help businesses ?wow” clients or reward staff in style.

We caught up with GP Management’s founder, Jonny Dodge, to find out more about the business:

How would you describe your business in one line

We help people and companies find and create unique experiences.

What is your company’s impact on UK/global market” What do you want your business to be remembered for?

People’s desire to for experiences is changing how we interact day to day. The products we buy and the holidays we now take if the last five years have seen a gradual change the next five are going to be mind-blowing. Space tourism will be operating by the end of this year, and people will be taking short break in an VR/AR experience rather than real holidays. And we are going to be at the forefront of the change.

What is your business model?

We curate experiences with unique elements, creating great value for the consumer or corporate We supply high net worth clients through wholesale, offering unique experience but in volume to bring the price point down, as well as to corporates looking to inspire staff and clients through breath-taking incentives and trips.

How do you measure success

Success for us is being the best at what we do. As our ambitions and ideas grow so does the size of our market place and so the competition. We also have a to take a product that is very subjective and unique and make planning it and measuring the results very quantifiable, which is exciting to work on. It’s exciting being at the cutting edge of industries so when our experiences include things like space travel the vision is big, and so the success is also dependant on us helping shape part of these new industries.

Do you plan to trade globally, enter new markets, etc. in the next 12 months ?

We currently trade globally and also have an office in Dubai. We are looking to grow our market in US over the next 12 months.

What technology does your business absolutely rely on and why?

We are a business by its nature creating a very offline experience, but operationally we are focusing on bringing tech to the forefront of this?We have to a look at futures where VR and AR take the lead in some experiences, who knows, maybe we’ll go on holiday on a ?Star Wars” style Holodeck.

The way we engage clients, new and existing, is changed too. Our product offering and experiences are very visual, filming all of our experiences is key now to getting clients on board and them really visualising the opportunity.

In five years: Where do you see your business then” Where do you see your industry then?

The whole experience market needs to change. For corporate incentives it has to change, you just can’t take people to a rugby match with some hospitality seats these days. People are demanding more unique experiences. From just the humble night out for dinner, which nowadays is expected to be more experiential, from how your cocktails are served, to themed venues and a deep story about the thoughts behind the venues” the demand is real, the market is changing and will only increase.

We are already focusing on space tourism and offer many trips from zero gravity flights and jet fighters, and by the end of this year, the first space flights themselves.

What is your greatest business achievement?

We’ve been so lucky to achieve so many amazing things at GP Management. From closing the streets of London to race F1 cars, to creating a platform which has raised millions for charity.

But really the biggest achievement was having the blind confidence and kick it all off in the first place. Without the naive, but big thinking ideas, I wouldn’t have taken those big steps.

Your lowest point: What was your biggest entrepreneurial mistake (and how did you overcome it?)?

I can’t say I’ve seen the bumps along the road as mistakes. Ultimately, I’m sure proud of what’s been achieved and never regret anything as without those experiences I wouldn’t be where I am.

?Your policy wish list: What do you want to see from the Government in an ideal world ?

Decisive action on Brexit with so much of our business being overseas, our weak currency has hit some of our projects profit lines. We need to understand how travel and business will be affected in Europe for us.

What is your biggest piece of advice to other entrepreneurs?

Simple: no dreams too big, we need big dreamers. And find a great mentor early, and never take no for an answer, massive action creates massive results. All commonly said things, but they?re true and should be taken to heart, as that’s what makes people entrepreneurs rather than just workers.

What would make you a better leader?

Managing people is key, understanding what motivates them, and makes them feel secure. This is a skill I lacked when starting out in business but as I’ve learnt over the years has become invaluable. ?

What is the one app you use the most?

Jetsmarter. When you just need a jet?

What is your daily routine and why?

Today has included heading to the city to speak to one of the big firms on how we can manage their corporate incentive programmes, then this afternoon I’m taking a jet down to Nice with a client and we’re looking at a yacht we would like to charter for the upcoming F1.

I tend to travel every week. Last week was Everest Base camp, enjoying a unique helicopter to breakfast at sunrise there. Next week is yet unknown, but it’s always fast moving and that’s what I love.



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