Talking dirty increases traffic. Fact

Sam Niccolls wrote a great piece on about TechCrunch’s unusual traffic generation strategy. "In the last year alone, TechCrunch made over 550 blog posts with the word porn in body of the post," he writes. "In some cases the articles addressed popular, newsworthy stories such as the much talked about iPhone porn app, but in a number of cases the stories were a bit more of a stretch. Newsworthy or not, TechCrunch blogs about porn when they have the opportunity. And though the porn related articles they write typically don’t top the SERPs, they do rank on the first 1-3 pages for a number of high volume porn related queries, including terms such as ‘youporn,’ ‘you porn,’ and ‘iphone porn.’

The result” "Assuming 3 page views per visit, with 286,625 visits, TechCrunch would receive just under 900,000 page views per month," continues Niccolls. "And to take this a step further, assume TechCrunch earns $2.00 per click (which is simply a guestimate for contextual ads on a site serving their own ads), this would mean TechCrunch is making tens of thousands of dollars each month by doing their Ron Jeremy-esque SERP countdown. "

TechCrunch founder Michael Arrington is a savvy digital marketer for sure but is using "porn" a fair method for drawing unique users to the site, or is it just below the belt”

Here’s the comment from the Twittersphere: PostcodeJim: Pretty pedestrian marketing really, in itself… I guess the value lies in people discussing it, like so… "meta-marketing"”

@Jo_SEM I’d say cheating one thing to bring traffic to a website but not if detrimental to user experience

Jo_SEM@Real_Business think of all those perverts and 14 year old boys having to look at Techcrunch instead of nude girls

@Sparky000 TechCrunch could get done for false advertising. "I wanted silicon implants but all i got was silicon valley".

What do you think” Have your say in the Real Business forum.

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