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Think back a few years: if you wanted to set up a national retail business, you’d need hundreds of shops on the high street, you’d need to employ thousands of employees, and you’d need to spend millions on marketing and TV advertising.

Now fast-forward to today:’s Pat Reeves and Rohan Blacker did it in a completely different way, by selling sofas online.

At the 2010 Investec Entrepreneurs’ Summit, these two British entrepreneurs shared their experience of creating a new business model in an old industry. In these six videos spread across two pages, Blacker and Reeves tell us the secrets to their success.

In our first video, entrepreneur Rohan Blacker tells us how he and Pat Reeves moved from their first business, Deliverance, the London-based high-end food delivery service, to creating



In our second exclusive video, Pat Reeves talks about how used great marketing to build up the brand and the business – plus how the two entrepreneurs managed to scoop the domain name from a crook who later fled with the cash and a stripper to South America:



Next, Pat Reeves and Rohan Blacker share with us the secret to keeping their costs low. Plus, why they think British manufacturing still has a future.


Make sure you check out the second page of this article for more from’s founders, including the future of online shopping,’s business plan and how they built their website.

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