Tamara Mellon considering sale of Jimmy Choo

With a potential £100m earning to be made, Tamara Mellon is said to be considering selling up her shoe empire, Jimmy Choo. Holding slightly less than an 18 per cent stake in the business, Tamara founded the company in 1996 with Jimmy Choo himself.

The 43-year-old fashionista and business woman has reportedly called in financial advisers to manage the sale of the company, which is allegedly worth as much as £500m.

With a Vidal Sassoon financier as her father and a Chanel model for a mother, Tamara Mellon undeniably has both business and fashion running through her veins. Tamara tells The Times: “My father and I talked about business every day. He encouraged me to open a stall on Portobello Road when I was only 17, because he wanted me to learn how to trade.”

After gracing the pages of Vogue for several years as accessories editor, Tamara Mellon sourced £150,000 from her supportive tycoon father to invest in Jimmy Choo.

Tamara Mellon, who met the Malaysian shoe-maker in his Hackney base while working at Vogue, immediately spotted the potential to transform the company into a huge brand to rival other leading designers. Mellon sunk in her stake and nurtured the company into one of the most coveted brands of footwear today.

Her past “It Girl” persona, PR expertise and celebrity presence has certainly been a driving force behind the rise of the infamously name-dropped brand, which has been made iconic by the cast of Sex and the City.

However, it is also being suggested that Mellon may decide to dig her heels for a while longer in a bid to benefit from the potential growth of the business to a value of £1bn in the next few years.

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