The 50 most disruptive UK companies in 2017: The Future 50

Each year Real Business brings you 50 disruptive UK companies ignoring the status quo – and 2017's list is overflowing with inspiring startup entrepreneurs.


PlayrcartSector: Media
Date founded: 2012
Founders: Glen Dormieux
Location: London
Number of staff: 2

Playrcart is a video commerce platform that enables online publications and social networks to moneytise the traffic on their sites by making video editorial immediately shoppable.

The idea was born out of an industry pain point, namely, the inability to purchase content or items from within a promotional video. Publishers and social media sites are now all largely digital, and it can be difficult to monetise. Playrcart hopes this new platform will be a solution to that problem.

The business reported 200m player interactions in 10 months and is planning to expand in Latin America.


Qubist Sector: Marketing
Date founded: 2015
Founders: Andrew Seel, Nigel Cooper
Location: Brighton
Number of staff: 6

Qubist is a social media marketing platform created by Qube Media that aims to enable brands to manage employees and customers at scale and increase brand awareness.

As an agency, Qube Media had found managing advocates for international brands extremely challenging. During the search for a software tool that would help brands reach out to advocates, manage them and offer them something of value – and failing to find it – Qubist was conceived and created.

Advocates (customers and employees) are invited to an advocate programme to connect social media channels and share brand content. The brands benefit from customer endorsements and the customers benefit by engaging with their favourite brands in a gamified, fun environment.


REFSIXSector: Sports
Date founded: 2016
Founders: Hassan Rajwani, Luke Gardiner
Location: Brighton
Number of staff: 3

REFSIX is a smartwatch and mobile app for grassroots referees. It speeds up the time it takes referees to deal with administration (recording match incidents and sending the information to leagues and associations) and also tracks the referees physical performance in games to help improve and to cater training programmes for them.

The app was nominated for Best New Concept at the Sports Technology Awards in 2016 up against Hawk Eye and BT. The app is now being piloted by London FA and has been used in Northern Ireland’s SuperCup youth competition.

Rejuvenation Water

Rejuvenation Water Sector: Food and drink
Date founded: 2016
Founders: Kris Ingham
Location: London
Number of staff: 4

Rejuvenation Water is an amino acid enriched spring water designed to help people deal with the rigours of modern life. A combination of Staffordshire spring water, natural fruit juices and a unique amino acid profile, the water claims to be beneficial for the immune system, cognitive function and for the synthesis of proteins.

Rejuvenation Water contains no added sugar, is low calorie and Vegan friendly. It won a Fine Food Guild Great Taste Award in 2016. It is listed at over 150 retailers, including John Lewis, Holland and Barrett and Spinney’s – Dubai’s largest supermarket.


SafeToNet Sector: Cyber safety
Date founded: 2013
Founders: Richard Pursey, Sharon Pursey
Location: Reading
Number of staff: 8

SafeToNet is a parental control system that blocks harmful content at the social messaging layer.

SafeToNet believes that existing parental control systems do not safeguard children from the abuse, harm and sexual predators on social networks. Using artificial intelligence and machine learning it aims to determine the sentiment of incoming and outgoing messages and in real-time blocks harmful content before it is seen and the damage is done. It identifies cyberbullying, sexting, trolling, grooming and other predatory risks. It is downloadable as an app on both Android and iOS or available as a URL.

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