The 50 most disruptive UK companies in 2017: The Future 50

Each year Real Business brings you 50 disruptive UK companies ignoring the status quo – and 2017's list is overflowing with inspiring startup entrepreneurs.

Set Points Health

Set Points Health Sector: Healthcare
Date founded: 2017
Founders: Mark Martin
Location: Cheshire
Number of staff: 1

Set Points is a digital tool that will aim to help diabetic patients save their legs.

Most diabetic apps and programmes focus on structured education, diets and carb counting. Set Points shifts its focus to the user, and allows them to track their health while staying connected to friends, family and experts.

It will show users where they fit in the spectrum of diabetes and how to avoid complications such as blindness, kidney failure and amputations.

Set Points believes that the app is highly scalable and could help alleviate the burden of routine GP appointments.

Smart Driver Club

Smart Driver Club Sector: Social enterprise
Date founded: 2015
Founders: Penny Searles, Richard Cotton, Elizabeth Kittredge, Tommy Ahearne
Location: Hampshire
Number of staff: 20

The Smart Driver Club takes data collected from cars and uses it to give drivers a range of benefits to help cut their motoring costs and feel safer on the roads. One of the key disruptive innovations of Smart Driver Club is discounted motor insurance for good drivers. This has created a new channel for monitor insurance, which is currently dominated by price comparison sites.

The business was founded by a team that has worked with connected car data for over seven years in the UK, Australia and the US. Their expertise was mainly in collecting data and interpreting it for manufacturers and insurers but also displaying it to drivers through a variety of methods such as secure online portals and smartphone apps.

SnapDragon Monitoring


SnapDragon MonitoringSector: Tech
Date founded: 2015
Founders: Rachel Jones
Location: Edinburgh
Number of staff: 6

SnapDragon fights online fakes by identifying and removing counterfeits from online marketplaces. It uses its clients’ registered intellectual property, such as trademarks and design rights, to protect brands and unsuspecting consumers.

Luxury goods shoppers rarely buy ‘the wrong thing’, the price difference between genuine and fake being significant. However, for smaller brands, the price differential between counterfeit and genuine is so small that the former looks like a great deal.

In the first two years of trading, SnapDragon has removed links to over USD$10bn of counterfeit goods on the online platforms, preventing these goods from reaching the street.

Smarty Software

Smarty SoftwareSector: Software
Date founded: 2016
Founders: Dr Farhad Reyazat, Agnes Gradzewicz
Location: London
Number of staff: 15

Smarty Software combines interface invoicing, email marketing automation and web design with data reporting, CRM, and appointment setting. The business aims to simplify processes for businesses by combining everything into one system, saving businesses money on multiple software.

The business is operating on a subscription model and has 200 clients and growing. It expects to see similar products emerging globally in the foreseeable future, but hopes to be well established and easily scalable by then.

Splitter HQ

Splitter HQSector: Marketing
Date founded: 2013
Founders: Laurence Ridge, George Askew, Caitlin Williamson
Location: Lancashire
Number of staff: 2

Splitter HQ is a platform for businesses to create Short URLs and QR codes. These URLs are known as intelligent URLs. Businesses are able to use advanced targeting features which enables them to split traffic.

Businesses can direct users to mobile apps, a restaurant near them or a sale. The idea behind Splitter is that marketing is not complicated, businesses just need one URL instead of several.

Splitter offers advanced features that enable users to target users based on location, device, platform, time, date and more.

Its clients include the likes of Carlsberg, Co-RO, Lidl and Philips. In the future the business aims to become a leading marketing tool for businesses that want to simplify marketing whilst keeping a social presence. It also aims to expand its services to help CRM/marketing departments with analytical reports.

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