Pharmaceutical firm Pfizer opens Healthcare Hub to grow UK healthtech companies

Pfizer has opened a Healthcare Hub in London as the pharmaceutical giant looks to help growing British healthtech companies achieve scale with access to the likes of the NHS.

The Pfizer initiative plans to help companies “innovating at the cross-section between health and technology to grow”. The firm’s goal is to “transform patients’ lives” with technological developments including use of mobile devices, apps, wearables, artificial intelligence and virtual reality.

According to Pfizer, the Healthcare Hub will provide businesses with access to its resources and networks so that they can reach patients and care providers faster than they would if working independently. The arrival of the London site coincides with openings that are also taking place in Stockholm, Sydney and Toronto, which build on existing Hubs in New York, Berlin and Tel Aviv.

Erik Nordkamp, Pfizer UK MD, said: “I’m delighted that we’ll be launching the Pfizer Healthcare Hub here in the UK. We live in a country that is already a centre for original thinking and innovation within healthcare and our goal is to accelerate the success of the brightest start-ups in this field and help them make a difference to patients.”

Businesses that want to join the Healthcare Hub are required to have products or services that healthcare professionals can actively use, as well as evidence of benefits to patients and the marketplace.

In addition to a competing for a share of a £56,000 grant, businesses on the one-year scheme will make the contacts needed to level up developments, with Pfizer partners including the NHS.

“The Healthcare Hub will provide a platform for startups to harness Pfizer’s global network, enabling them to get access to our expertise, understanding and guidance,” said Hamish Graham, Pfizer Healthcare Hub’s London manager.

“We hope, with our support, that they’ll be able to reach their goals and get their innovations adopted within the health service.”

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