Tech Strategy Board plans £400m investment for innovative businesses

The plan will include the launch of 88 competitions to select and fund the most innovative small companies in the UK. 

Among the TSB’s Delivery Plan projects: a new website to match entrepreneurs with investors most relevant to them; the launch of a service to offer advice to entrepreneurs on intellectual property and exporting; and two new Catapult Centres will be developed for precision medicine and energy systems product development. 

TSB will launch a permanent base in Brussels.

Ian Gray, Chief Executive of the Technology Strategy Board, said: “The Delivery Plan raises the Technology Strategy Board’s ambitions to a higher level, enhancing support for UK companies through a range of targeted programmes.”

Specifically, they will focus investment on: energy (£82m), healthcare (£80m), manufacturing (£72m), transport (£70m) and digital technologies (£42m). 

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