Tech will give you a competitive edge, say business leaders

For nearly 80 per cent of business leaders, making the transition into digital maturity within five years is now a priority. 

In fact, it is believed that technology enables faster business processes (80 per cent), stronger competitive advantage (70 per cent) and faster decision-making (69 per cent).

Phil Keoghan, CEO of Ricoh UK said: “What’s interesting about this research is that it underscores the optimism that is returning to businesses: they’re looking to the future and considering what they need to invest in if they’re going to thrive. 

“It differs greatly from a survey we commissioned last year in which 63 per cent of business leaders felt that their organisations were far from ready for digital transformation.”

However, the research found that 50 per cent of companies do not believe they can achieve digital maturity without the help of an external partner.

With technology constantly evolving businesses will need to remain committed in order to achieve and maintain their digitally mature status. Regularly reviewing processes, enhancing ways of working and integrating new technologies will be central to realising this goal. For many businesses digital maturity could soon become an essential strategic asset, as well as a key driver to boost organisational appeal, reputation and long term profits.

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