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Tech21 Impactology

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Company name: 

Tech21 Impactology

What they do: 

Protection from impact damage

Dropping your mobile, tablet or laptop can cause irreparable damage. So, for the last two years, Tech21 Impactology has worked alongside the foremost experts in polymer technology, industrial design and manufacturing to create a screen-toughening layer. This massively reduces the chances of cracking or shattering. The product, Impact Shield, is a glue-free shield which protects against scratches or breakage. Whilst not the cheapest product on the market, Impact Shield is rated as significantly superior to cut-price Chinese competitors.

In the past year, Tech21 Impactology has expanded globally and has won some impressive world wide contracts. Their military grade product has been sought after by retail giants, including Apple. The potential market? Impact protection is worth £1bn in the USA alone. As touchscreen technology advances, the need to protect these precious screens from accidental scuffs, scratches, drops and falls will increase, offering huge sales potential.

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