Ted Turner: the definitive profile

Ted Turner is the largest individual landowner in the US (he also owns millions of acres of prime property in Latin America and Europe). He is the world’s biggest breeder of buffalo (bison).

He launched CNN, now the world’s largest news-gathering organisation. He has owned Citizen Kane, Gone with the Wind (which he claims to have seen more than 100 times), The Wizard of Oz, and nearly 5,000 other major motion pictures, the largest such film library ever assembled outside the major Hollywood studios.

And he not only married Jane Fonda, but divorced her 11 years later when she announced she had tired of finishing Turner’s sentences and living in a cramped penthouse atop CNN’s HQ in Atlanta, Georgia. The Guinness Book of Records could devote whole chapters to this remarkable, and always unpredictable businessman.

Click here to read the incredible profile of CNN founder Ted Turner.

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