Ten commandments for established businesses to keep on growing

(5) Focus on your USP. Avoid commoditising your product or service and instead focus on what makes you and it special. If your USP is high quality, or sustainable sourcing, keep it that way and make sure the whole world knows it.

(6) Develop on your own terms. Any good business is analytical about what they are selling and will always strive to provide better. At Union Coffee, weve always been known for selling the highest-quality coffee, but that doesnt mean we dont work extremely hard to continue looking to source even better.

(7) Get involved in new trends, but not just for the sake of it. The latest big thing might seem like it’s the future of an industry, but like most things, they rarely last forever. Thats why jumping on the bandwagon can do more harm than good, while being the innovator can put you in pole position.

(8) Extend your community. Its never been easier to create a sense of community with your customers. Whether thats through social media, e-newsletters or direct contact via customer events at the office, building on your existing relationship is a great way to retain customers, as well as attracting new ones.

(9) Make the most of your allies. As an established player, you should already have a network of suppliers, manufacturers, producers and other peers. These put you in a position of strength moving forward make sure you nurture them!

(10) Follow the golden rule. Be unconditionally clear about what you want to achieve, and pursue it relentlessly. Test everything you do against your goals and dont get distracted!

Jeremy Torz is co-founder of Union Hand-Roasted Coffee.

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