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Ten British space firms soon to enter US orbit

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Open Cosmos

According to the Space Mission UK site: ?Open Cosmos provides simple and affordable space access. It solves the three main space access barriers technology, paperwork and cost. It does this by offering an in-house built nano-satellite platform and a series of services around it (e.g. launch and ground segment procurement, licensing and insurance paperwork, in-orbit operations) so that the customer only has to take care of providing the payload.

It’s pretty much a one-stop-shop space access provider and has only been in the UK since July 2015. Further to that, it managed to launch its first nano-satellite in four months and is now testing the second generation of its nano-satellite platform.

Oxford Space Systems

What we ll refer to as OSS (Oxford Space Systems), is backed by a small consortium of venture capital funds dedicated toBritish space firms, with financial support also coming from the likes of the European and UK Space Agencies. It anticipates Series B fundraising in early of 2017.

Once again, the best description comes from Space Mission UK, which explained: “Market pressure drives satellites to be ever more mass and volume efficient. This means deployable structures such as antennas, solar panels and booms are under constant pressure to be as light and as stowage efficient as possible. OSS uses its flight proven proprietary materials, such as flexible composites, to deliver structures that are lighter, more stowage efficient and lower cost than those in current demand.

REALsafe Technologies

Of all the British space firms on the list, this one is quite unique. It is an app designed to detect if a motorcyclist has crashed and will immediately notify emergency services of a rider’s location. The company has a partnership with the NHS, and was created in response to statistics which claim UK motorcyclists represent one per cent of traffic on the road yet account for up to 20?per cent of fatalities.

Embedded within REALRIDER?” the name of the app itself REALsafe monitors a smartphone’s accelerometer together with satellite positioning data. Key sensors in the smartphone look for changes such as rapid deceleration, a tumbling motion, followed by a period of non-movement.


Similarly, moving away from the trend of satellite manufacturing, is Sen, which is creating wait for it space television. It sells high resolution video data and analytics to customers, it claimed, which will include government organisations and businesses monitoring change on Earth. It also has educational purposes up its sleeve: it wants to change the way humans see Earth and space.

“Sen plans to deploy constellations of its spacecraft around the Moon and eventually Mars, commercialising space exploration data,” it explained. The firm will also be generating original video content for consumers which it will market through news and social media. Governments, businesses and people need to know what is happening on Earth, and eventually on and around the Moon and Mars as the space economy expands to these locations.

Sky and Space Global

?Sky and Space Global, a UK company incorporated with the help of European and Israeli centers of aerospace, satellite and software, will deploy a nano-satellite’s constellation in orbit and provide global narrowband communication infrastructure and services,” Space Mission UK has said.

“The company is now funded beyond the Q2 2017 launch of its first three satellites with the Indian Space Research Organisation, following the completion of its recent oversubscribed $4.5m fund raising. Sky and Space Global aims to provide low cost, nano-satellite narrowband communication coverage on an anywhere to everywhere base with relatively low maintenance costs.


Last, but not least, is TISICS. Since a management buyout in 2005, it”has developed lightweight high performance metal matrix composites (MMC) reinforced with its proprietary ceramic fibre. And the company has been cited as being the only European supplier of MMC.

TISICS owns the fibre to composite design and manufacturing technology and is working with Airbus Defence and Space, TAS UK, SSTL, Reaction Engines and ESA, while focusing on spacecraft propellant tanks as customers seek a UK supply chain.



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