Terminal 5 time waster

Games development firm T-Enterprise has launched a free online game called Terminal Panic. Players control a cartoon Willie Walsh (British Airways’ CEO) who has to pick up baggage, scan it in the X-ray machine then get it to the conveyer belt while avoiding rogue luggage trolleys (and all to the tune of BA’s theme music – a nice touch, I thought!).

The aim is to get the bags loaded before all the flights have left.

T-Enterprise MD and co-founder Sadia Chishti says the game is far from being an attack on Walsh. “We’re big fans of Willie Walsh. He inherited a lot of problems with British Airways and is doing a good job of fixing them,” she says, adding (rather cheekily): “We hope that BA’s customers will play it around the world while they’re waiting for their bags to reappear.”

You can play the game free here

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