Thank God for fags and wine

Weekly newsletter from business coach informs me that by today, 92 per cent of people will already have given up their New Year Resolutions. Eight per cent will likely succeed. The “losers” should start over and have another January 1 moment.

Makes me wonder if we tend to ask too much of ourselves in fits of over-zealous, re-birthing excitement at New Year. The snow and ice in January meant the year got off to a bad start couldn?t fully launch all elements of business plan or judge impact of January sales campaign with new designs. At home, the builders had reduced me (rather than house) to a messy pile of rubble. Immediately broke resolutions and reached for large glass of wine and 20 fags.

Emotionally and mentally, have also been on hold for “D-Day” the day when my only son heads off on round-the-world trip. Spent weekend trying to prepare myself for his departure and was looking forward to final night with him but, by that time, he a) had tearful girlfriend in tow and b) was totally focused on remaining list of things to do. I have opted to come and sit at work for a few hours until his taxi arrives not that I feel productive and God help anyone who irritates me with anything silly!?Will allow myself a few days to find feet and then I need to push on, rebuild sales, rebuild life and probably pick up all those New Year Resolutions. Meanwhile, think might allow myself some more of the wine and the fags and acknowledge I am only human!

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