That old chestnut ? customer service

Reached Friday, always a cause for celebration! Am also chuffed to bits with support from Sally on my thoughts on "Failure v Success" earlier in the week. Not just me then, Sally!   Further chuffed by another step in renovations at home. Finally, got new carpet in my sitting room – think it took eight choices until found one which was actually in stock! Managed to sneak off early in my excitement to see it, only to find “layers” (is that what a carpet layer is called for short?) had smashed two large panes of glass by leaving doors flapping in the wind.    Somewhat took golden edge off, but not half as much as the attitude of the company contracted. You would have thought the first thing that would be said to me was "sorry". Instead, it was a long list of how it hadn’t really been their fault. Eventually, I was told it was being looked into, at which point I lost my temper and said either something was done or I would be taking legal advice. 

I hate resorting to that but, sure enough, a director immediately materialised on the telephone and assured me that they were only waiting to find out if I wanted to sort out a glazier or should they. When I asked him why his staff hadn’t actually a) said that or b) apologised, the response was “I am sure she would have got around to that eventually”.   Yes – our old favourite. Customer service again!    

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