The 10 most engaging 2015 Christmas adverts from British retailers

J tma added: The barometer of a successful ad shouldnt just be whether people like and share it, but also whether it actually makes them spend money ads that connect emotionally with people are more likely to make this happen.

The four key tips to doing so are to hook the audience early, retain their attention, invoke a reaction the stronger the better and finish with impact. Humour was a big tool this year, all the top 10, except John Lewis and M&S, used it to connect with viewers.

4. Designer fashion brand Mulberry achieved a score of 87.9 per cent better than all ads measured by Realeyes with Miracle

5. Terry the Turkey resulted in the fifth place for Vodafone, with 84.4 per cent

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6. Interestingly, discount supermarket Aldi’s Christmas campaign entitled Telescope is a spoof of John Lewis’ Man on the Moon and it still managed to score higher than the real thing with 80.8 per cent

7. Despite a great amount of buzz when it launched, John Lewis’ Man on the Moon has a score of 79.9 per cent

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