The 10 most expensive ski resorts for entrepreneurs this winter

The link to business may be a little tenuous, but we know that entrepreneurs love skiing. It’s a great way to relax and get away from the office. The fresh mountain air, the activity, even the apr?s ski… it’s all beneficial. But it’s always good to know by how much it will set you back ? the difference between resorts can be huge.

On average, hitting the slopes with this season will set you back on average ?1,559.37 for a week?s skiing ? and that?s before even taking into account your return flights and the posh hotel or chalet.

Travel money company No.1 Currency has compared the cost of a basket of ski essentials across ten of the world?s most exclusive and glamorous ski resorts. The basket includes: ski boots hire for six days, private ski lessons for five days, ski pass for six days, as well as the cost of a cup of coffee, a bottle of beer, a bottle of wine and a meal for two on the slopes.

The smallest dent in your wallet would come from Cortina, in Italy, where the above would set you back ?1,007 per person ? this is ?552 cheaper than the average cost of a ski trip to one of the more glamorous resorts.

The priciest resort on the list is Aspen, in the US, where the same trip (remember this excludes flights and accommodation) would cost you ?2,329, a whole ?1,321 more than Cortina.

For those entrepreneurs who are newer to skiing, Courcheval is your answer: five days’ of private tuition will cost you just ?689 ? less than half the price of the same lessons in Whistler, where it could cost ?1,745.

Surprisingly, if you?re heading to Switzerland for snow-capped splendour, you will pay nearly ?400 less for a break in the Prince of Wales’ favourite resort of Klosters, than the equally lavish Zermatt or St Moritz. 

Heading to the French Alps, Courchevel (and a haunt of the Beckham?s), is also ?492.21 cheaper than a break in Megeve.

Here is the list of what it will cost you to ski at some of the world’s most exclusive ski resorts this year:

  1. Aspen (USA) ? ?2,329
  2. Whistler (Canada) ? ?1,984
  3. Zermatt (Switzerland) ? ?1,680
  4. St Moritz (Switzerland) ? ?1,670
  5. Megeve (France) ? ?1,643
  6. Lech (Austria) ? ?1,394
  7. Zurs (Austria) ? ?1,385
  8. Klosters (Switzerland) ? ?1,281
  9. Courchevel (France) ? ?1,151
  10. Cortina (Italy) ? ?1,007
“Skiing the glamour resorts is inevitably going to hit you in the wallet,” says Simon Phillips, head of retail at No.1 Currency. “It’s as much about the apr?s ski as the quality of the off-piste.

“But for Brits looking for the best value luxury ski experience, it’s best to stick to Europe rather than heading Stateside this season. Although still pricey, it’s possible to enjoy a week at some of the most glamorous ski resorts in the world for less than ?1,400.”

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