The 10 most overused words in 2012

Are you ?motivated “Creative ?Responsible , innovative and Analytical?” It seems most of us are.

Professional network LinkedIn today released the UK’s top ten most overused words and phrases in members” LinkedIn profiles for 2012.
“Motivated came top of the UK list, signalling professionals’ ?desire to highlight their positive attitude despite the current climate in the UK?. In second place was creative , which topped the UK’s list last year, and is still widely used but perhaps considered a lesser priority in today’s market.

?Every day potential business partners, clients and employers are searching for professionals on the Web,” says Darain Faraz, LinkedIn’s spokesperson. If you want opportunity to come knocking, you’ve got to make your LinkedIn Profile stand out from the pack. Avoiding overused buzzwords can help you do this.”

No surprise – but apparently easier said than done. Do we really all have the same talents? 

The most overused profile words in other countries are:

  • Creative: This buzzword topped lists for over 40 per cent of countries surveyed including Australia, Canada, Germany, Netherlands, New Zealand, Singapore, Sweden and the United States;
  • Motivated: Comes in second on the list globally, with five of the top business heads believing it to be the most important asset;
  • Multinational: Egypt and Indonesia rank this word top in their profiles; and
  • Responsible: The French and the Italians are ?responsible workers according to their profiles, regarding it the most important attribute to highlight.
Are you guilty of using buzzwords in a professional context” Then maybe it’s time to rethink your abilities and edit your profile.

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