The 10 most successful UK projects in Kickstarter history

3. LIX – The Smallest 3D Printing Pen in the World by LIX

8,030 backers
£731,690 pledged of £30,000 goal

LIX’s 3D printing pen melts and cools coloured plastic creating rigid and freestanding structures, essentially letting users “doodle in the air” to create 3D structures. Even though the campaign video is a little off-key, with the presenters staring into space at the side of the camera, it’s a revolutionary idea and galvanised a huge response from donors.

The rewards related to pens and accessories, with top donors even getting a special dinner. That wasn’t very popular though.

4. Deadzone: The Sci-fi Miniatures Board Game by Mantic Games

4,306 backers
$1,216,482 pledged of $50,000 goal

Deadzone is an action figure board game that the designers describe as a “sci-fi table top miniatures skirmish game played in a fully interactive 3D gaming environment”. Part of the campaigns attraction was the high quality of the artwork, which is incredibly detailed and presented through videos, photos, models, stats cards and sketches.

Even though the project had a lot less social media and media attention than LIX and Kano, it received more than 20 times its original funding goal. Backers were spread fairly evenly between the different levels of rewards, which revolved around a kit for the new game, although they largely topped out at the $280-mark.

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