The 10 professions which drink the most coffee

Research from PR service company Pressat found that journalists, teachers and police officers were among the biggest consumers of coffee in the UK this week.

The company surveyed 10,000 professionals and found that 85 per cent said they drink at least three cups of coffee per day, and 70 per cent admitted they would struggle to get through the workday without a daily hit.

The top 10 in full: 

Journalists and media staff
Police officers
Plumbers and trade workers
Nurses and medical staff
Company executives
IT technical support
Retail staff

The research raises concerns about the health impact of coffee, with recent tests suggesting that drinking more than 2 mugs of coffee per day can be harmful.

Coffee can put strain on your heart and cause anxiety and other problems but 62 per cent of people asked weren’t aware of the health risks posed by coffee.

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