The 10 strangest and most difficult interview questions in the UK

The findings have come from career marketplace Glassdoor ?? backed by Google with $70m in January ? which reviewed the most challenging and bizarre questions that candidates have been asked, making it abundantly clear that one should always expect the unexpected.

Some of the eccentric employers included are Accenture, Barclays, Google and Harrods for roles spanning analyst, product manager, sales assistant and more.

See the list below:

1. ? ? ?Can you calculate how many tennis balls are used during the course of Wimbledon?? ? Asked to an analyst candidate at Accenture (London).

2. ? ? ?Estimate the total number of cars in the UK.? ? Asked to a trading analyst candidate at Barclays Capital (location n/a).

3. ? ? ?How many calories are in a grocery store?? ? Asked to a product manager candidate at Google (London).

4. ? ? ?How would you sell a fridge to an Eskimo?? ? Asked to a temporary sales associate candidate at Harrods (London).

5. ? ? ?What would you take to a lonely island with you and why?? ? Asked to a sales assistant candidate at Urban Outfitters (London).?

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6. ? ? ?Is Batman a superhero?? ? Asked to a support engineer candidate at AlphaSights (location n/a).

7. ? ? ?You have 17 red and 17 blue balls, and you remove two at a time. If the two are the same colour, add in one extra blue ball. If they are different colours, add in an extra red ball. What colour is the final ball removed?? ? Asked to a software engineer candidate at Geonomics ? an Everline Future 50 winner (location n/a).

8. ? ? ?What cartoon character would you be and why?? ? Asked to an administrative assistant candidate at Asda (Bristol).?

9. ? ? ?What is the wildest thing that you have done?? ? Asked to a teller candidate at Metro Bank (London).

10.? ?What was your opinion of the film Blair Witch Project?? ? Asked to a data analyst candidate at Jefferies & Company (London).

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