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The 30 most followed UK businesses on Twitter

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One thing we know: Twitter matters.

On its creation in 2006, it was hard to imagine that a service based on 140 character long messages could be of any true value to society. In retrospect, it’s baffling that the service turned into a powerful tool for democracy, the top media outlet for breaking news, and the most effective marketing tool for companies worldwide.

Considering that we all have this incredible tool at our fingertips that lets us reach so many people they would together make up the 12th biggest country in the world (for free), very few of us know how to use it right.

Twitter remains a mystery to the average head of marketing. Though the world wide web is flooded with guides on getting the most out of Twitter, we decided to learn from those who really know how to do it: the top 30 UK businesses with the most Twitter followers. Can they teach you a thing or two?

Top 30 companies on Twitter one to ten

1. Burberry – @Burberry

Followers: 1,635,518

2. Nando’s@NandosUK

Followers: 804,471

3. Penguin Books (UK)@PenguinUKBooks

Followers: 591,397

4. TopShop@Topshop

Followers: 537,175


Followers: 457,799

6. Stella McCartney@StellaMcCartney

Followers: 448,609

7. Net-A-Porter@NETAPORTER

Followers: 422,893

8. United Bus Company@unitedbuses

Followers: 296,341

9. Bond & Mayfair@BondandMayfairX

Followers: 251,837

10. British Airways@British_Airways

Followers: 238,901

Lesson number one: interact.

Sounds a bit obvious, doesn’t it” But think about its meaning and you might realise that you could do better at it. Twitter is an ongoing dialogue. You have the freedom to be witty and clever in hundreds of different ways, as long as you don’t succumb to the cardinal sin: holding a one-way conversation.

?Hello?@Chris_Stark, if you’d like to get in touch to arrange your date with the lovely Mila Kunis, give us a holla. #NandosDate.

Nando’s are very talented in picking up on their followers’ tweets and reacting to them. They also have a unique way of starting an unrelated topic and subtly hinting that Nando’s is the place to be, something TopShop and British Airways do well, too. Picking up on current affairs, comments from followers, or trending topics is an absolute must to begin the conversations your customers expect from you.

It’s not all just about the company?

Burberry and British Airways are good examples of companies who focus on what’s currently “in”, whether that be the global economy or trendy travel destinations, behind-the-scenes catwalk footage, or Romeo Beckham staring in a new campaign. Top companies also feature songs and album covers over youtube links and idle chit-chat.

Penguin Books opt for the simple and clean look, focussing solely on their target audience of book lovers. The account itself focusses little on sales, instead notifying readers about competitions and prizes, events, blogs and talk about characters and books.

I have to admit that United Bus Company astounds me in it’s high ranking. They should be applauded for having reached the top ten as – and I have come across some boring accounts – the same sentence is constantly being re-tweeted.



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