The 5 big IT trends of 2013

2012 has seen a series of conflicting demands placed on businesses? IT requirements. Economic pressures have forced organisations to cut costs and demand even more from their investment in technology.

This year there has also seen a shift to implement formalised change management processes, which has enabled many organisations to invest in IT efficiently and effectively, while ensuring that risks are reduced. Businesses have woken up to the fact that the adoption of new IT services and policies must be actively managed.

The pace of technological change will continue to increase over the next twelve months and businesses must continue to find ways to integrate new technology without letting it disrupt the organisation.?

Here are five of the biggest IT trends for 2013:

1. More investment in IT service management

This will enable organisations to keep pace with IT changes, not least to enable them to support initiatives such as Bring Your Own Device, social media and cloud solutions.

2. Consolidation of IT systems?

The struggling economy will place even greater pressures on businesses and many departments may become increasingly stretched. As a result, businesses will look to select vendors that can provide solutions for multiple departments, and support processes that span departments.?

3. Further adoption of hybrid IT and cloud computing?

This will begin to change the role of IT as it becomes more of a centralised function; coordinating IT related activities across departments. To respond to these developments, businesses will need platforms which promote agility throughout the organisation, enabling them to change in response to new conditions.

4. Growth of smart process apps

This new application software is designed to support business activities that are people-intensive, highly variable, loosely structured, and subject to frequent change. The emergence of Smart Process Apps makes collaborative processes the next frontier for organisations and 2013 will see forward thinking CIOs beginning to utilise them to drive continuous improvement throughout the business.

5. Increase in customer expectation of technology?

2013 will also see customers? IT demands increase and this will apply across all sectors. Customers will expect the service and support functions they rely on to provide intuitive, consistent services built on accurate, up to date information. Proactive organisations will respond to this demand by seeking to differentiate through technology that enables them to meet expectations on service delivery and deliver a great customer experience.

Over the coming year, I foresee businesses increasingly shifting their approach to focus on the big picture. Organisations will look at how IT can be used across the organisation, enabling collaboration between business functions, effective continual service improvement and taking centre stage in the journey to deliver a superior customer experience.

James Gay is the CEO of ICCM Solutions.

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