The 5 most successful British business brothers

A great deal has been written about the optimum number of founders, and their complimentary skill sets. But, as these five sets of brothers show, a compatible business partner might be closer to home that previously thought.

Christian and Nick Candy:

The British-born, but now Monaco-based, Candy brothers have shown that the global recession didn’t collapse everybody’s property empire. From a not so humble beginning, the duo’s first dalliance in the property space was doing up the flat they were living in using a loan from their grandmother. Making a £50,000 profit form the exercise, the brothers clearly saw a future in it and so began renovating further flats and eventually setting up Candy & Candy to oversee it all.

Some fifteen years after the company was set up, the two are now reported to be worth over £300m and have developed some of the most expensive real estate developments in the world. Their One Hyde Park project has seen penthouse apartments sold for nearly £150m and has retail units including Rolex and McLaren.

In a 2014 interview with The Guardian, the two were described as a “couple of likely lads” by property buying agent Henry Pryor, who then ended up everywhere. Christian is said to be the brains and numbers man behind the property empire, while Nick is the showman – serving often as the face of the company. A Hollywood film charting the boy’s rise to fame and wealth has been suggested, and would probably be right up the brother’s street.

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Maurice and Charles Saatchi:

Another brotherly combination who created a business by combining both of their surnames, albeit before the Candys did, the Saatchi’s business interests have touched many industries but largely focused on the advertising world.

A notorious story dating back to the company’s inception, and evidence of the brother’s guile and fortitude, saw them hire randomers to serve as advertising executives and hopefully make it look like they were a buzzing office to possible clients.

After being booted out of their own company by shareholders in the mid-1990s, Maurice and Charles went on to set up a rival firm, M&C Saatchi, with similar success levels. Both have had well-documented marriages and Maurice served as the chairman of the Conservative Party between 2003 and 2005.

The Sunday Times Rich list 2014 had the two down as having a £140m combined worth, with Charles having sold his stake in M&C Saatchi for £4m.

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