The 5 most successful British business brothers

David and Simon Reuben:

Moving back into the property sector, alongside private equity and venture capital as well, the Reuben brothers were born in India but moved to London with their family as teenagers. They initially started by trading in the Russian metals market and crossed paths with the likes of Chelsea Football Club owner Roman Abramovich.

The two now own Millbank Tower and both the John Lewis London and American Express headquarters in London. Alongside that, they have investments in new challenger bank Metro, The Wellington Pub Company, D2 Jeans, Travelodge Hotels and Arena Racing Company.

Now based in Switzerland, Forbes recently revealed the brothers? net worth was nearly ?7bn. Unlike the Candys, the Reuben?s are notoriously publicity-shy and never do interviews. Also well known for their philanthropic endeavours, they set up the Reuben Foundation in 2002 and now make donations mainly in the healthcare and education sectors.?

David and Frederick Barclays:

The Barclay brothers began life as twins in 1930s Hammersmith and, over the next eighty years, have assembled a multi-billion pound business empire stretching from media and retail to property. The Sunday Times Rich List 2014 pegged their wealth at ?6bn, generated through holdings in businesses such as Yodel, Littlewoods and The Telegraph Media Group.

Using large loans from government agency Crown Agents, David and Frederick bought up hotels ? after which they moved into acquiring breweries and casinos. Both were knighted by the Queen in 2000 for charitable services and have ironically tried to remain out of the public spotlight for as long as possible, despite holdings in a number of media outlets.

Regardless of that, the brothers have never been far from a little controversy ? ranging from recent allegations of editorial influence at The Telegraph to an ongoing battle relating to their business holdings on the island of Sark.

And one for the future?.

Nish and Sach Kukadia:

While fairly early on in their business adventure, Nish and Sach Kukadia are fast growing their flash sales site SecretSales. Set up in 2007, it has just ticked over into profit and added one million new subscribers.

With their father one of the early directors at Pepe, the two were immersed in the fashion world from a very young age.

The latest instalment of The Sunday Times Tech Track 100 had the business sitting in 68th place, with its new-found profit standing setting it in good stead for the future. Keep an eye out for these brothers.

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