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The 50 most disruptive British businesses in 2016: The Everline Future 50

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The Everline Future 50 2016 is once again bringing together the companies we and our judging panel believe are going to the the disruptive and game-changing businesses of the future. Use the links at the bottom of the page to navigate throughout the rest of the feature and meet some incredible ventures.

Tempus Energy

Industry/sector: Cleantech
Date founded: 2011
Founders: Sarah Bell
Location: London

Recognising a market that relentlessly exploits customers without regard for the environment, Sarah Bell set up Tempus Energy to remove the complexity surrounding energy pricing and reduce costs for consumers. The Everline Future 50 entrant uses mathematical algorithms and other technologies to ensure customers get the most cost-effective energy source possible. It installs devices into premises which communicate with installed electrical appliances, switching them on at times when energy is at its cheapest.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 Tempus Energy profile


Industry/sector: Business software
Date founded: 2014
Founders: Nich Schils
Location: London

Born in Amsterdam, TIQ provides businesses with time-management software that aims to remove the administrative challenge of time-tracking. By linking email, a calendar, Microsoft Office and Google applications, and by integrating with administrative systems, TIQs algorithms can organise workers activities and match them to specific clients, projects or tasks. An overview of how time is spent at work is automatically generated, and can be validated by TIQ software in under a minute, making time management easier and more efficient.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 TIQ profile


Date founded: 2007
Founders: Raam Thakrar and Paul Burdin
Location: London

In an era when moments and memories are shared quickly and impersonally via Facebook or Instagram, Touchnote has been included in this year’s Future 50 list. The company has seized on peoples desire for more meaningful one-to-one communication. Its app converts camera phone photos into postcards or greetings cards to print and post. This simple idea has seen the company go from strength to strength and Touchnote was confirmed in December last year as the ninth fastest-growing tech company in the UK.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 Touchnote profile


Industry/sector: Pets
Date founded: 2010
Founders: Andy Peck
Location: London

TrustedHousesitters aims to solve the universal problem of ensuring pets are cared for when owners travel. Founded by Andy Peck in 2010, the online network connects owners with trustworthy sitters to take care of homes and pets whilst theyre away, for free. TrustedHousesitters said it’s saved members more than 150m in pet care and accommodation costs, and partnerships with leading travel and pet companies and charities should guarantee the ventures continued success.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 TrustedHousesitters profile

Unilink Software

Industry/sector: Software
Date founded: £1994
Founders: Francis Toye

While one of the older member’s in this year’s list, Unilinks disruptive technology is increasingly changing every part of prison life, enabling prisons to become more rehabilitative. A typical prison can circulate up to two million sheets of paper each year, as inmates request shopping, finances, visits, health appointments, drug treatment, employment, education and so on. Unilinks self-service, touch-screen kiosks means requests that used to take weeks can now be done in seconds. Unilinks system is capable of 50 processes, and has carried out over a billion prisoner transactions.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 Unilink Software profile

We Are Colony

Date founded: 2013
Founders: Sarah Tierney
Location: £2013

We Are Colony is a new film streaming platform connecting content owners to passionate fans. It distributes “special edition” bundles with exclusive extra content like deleted scenes, making-of documentaries, stills, scripts. Founded in 2013, its mission is to build a global community of film fans and redefine the on-demand viewing experience, as digital revenues are projected to overtake theatrical box office for the first time in 2017. We Are Colony has so far raised 1.4m in funding from angel investors and funds.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 We Are Colony profile


Industry/sector: Mapping
Date founded: 2013
Founders: Chris Sheldrick, Jack Waley-Cohen
Location: London

Already used in over 170 countries by people, business, governments and NGOs, what3words takes the form of a tiny piece of code that plugs into apps and services, identifying them within a global grid of 3mx3m squares, each of which has a pre-allocated three-word address. It aims to solve the worlds GPS and navigation problems, giving an address to the four billion people without one.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 what3words profile

Yoyo Wallet

Industry/sector: Mobile payments
Date founded: 2014
Founders: Michael Rolph, Alain Falys
Location: London

Up next this year is Yoyo Wallet a mobile merging the worlds of payment and consumer loyalty, updating the buying experience for retailers and shoppers. Yoyo Wallet provides data to retailers, matching shoppers to the products they buy, whilst acting as a rewards system for shoppers themselves. Currently expanding across Europe and into the US, the future looks bright for the worlds first and only smart wallet .

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 Yoyo Wallet profile


Industry/sector: Manufacturing
Date founded: 2013
Founders: Stephen Voller
Location: Oxford

Zapgocharger makes ultra-fast charge graphene supercapacitors that can replace slow charging lithium-ion batteries. At the start of 2016 the Harwell-based firm shipped its first product a five minute mobile phone and tablet charger to customers in 70 countries. Zapgochargers platform technology provides faster charging, lower costs and longer lifetimes than lithium-iron batteries: the incumbent technology in the majority of digital devices.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 Zapgocharger profile

Industry/sector:Office space
Date founded: 2013
Founders: Guillaume Santacruz
Location: London

Understanding that smart cities are about behaviour as well as technology, is an online marketplace that allows you to search, filter and book meeting rooms on-demand. Offices can list rooms and monetise redundant space, changing the way people meet and how companies view offices. The site so far achieves 170 bookings a month without partnership deals or a marketing budget, and is now ready to become the synonymous name with on-demand meeting rooms.

Read the full 2016 Everline Future 50 profile



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