The academics hit back at Mandelson’s expanded empire

Colin Talbot, professor of public policy and management at Manchester Business School reckons it’s “yet another example of personality-driven reorganisations of government departments with minimal thought and zero scrutiny”.

On his blog, he writes: “In this case, the personality to be satisfied is that of Lord Mandelson, First Secretary of State for Running the Country and Lord High Executioner (I made the last bit up, just). Insiders believe it is the largest department ever created in the long history of re-dis-organisations in Whitehall. DIUS lasted a mere two years, at who knows what cost. I confidently predict that BIS will beat it by lasting less than 12 months.”

Roger Neill of City University London says "civil servants surely don’t know if they’re coming or going with this continuous re-organisation of government.”

In a letter to Real Business, the director of the university’s Centre for Creativity in Professional Practice says: “It’s hard to believe this ‘super department’ has all the answers. With inevitable budget cuts across all sectors, its unlikely such a big department will get its head around the importance of innovation or creativity to the economy.  

"After all, innovation is no longer just people in white coats with ‘research and development’ titles; it is the future of all our lives. With so much re-structuring and possibly ‘too many cooks’, I just hope BIS is able to appreciate this and act accordingly."

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