The Apprentice: a positive impact

BIS’s Impact of Media on Entrepreneurial Intentions and Actions report (which involved a survey of 1,250 respondents) shows that:

  • Around half the sample of non-entrepreneurs thought more positively about entrepreneurs in general (58 per cent) and were made more aware of a career as an entrepreneur (51 per cent) through the media.
  • Almost two-thirds (63 per cent) of all non-entrepreneurs had come across the use of the word ‘entrepreneur’ or ‘entrepreneurship’ in recent months.
  • Of those saying yes, just over half (54 per cent) reported that television was where they came across the terms most often.
  • Almost half (45 per cent) of non-entrepreneurs also said they had watched television programmes in the last 12 months which showed how to start or run a business.
“The media has such an important role to play in creating a positive image around entrepreneurship and starting your own business. It is very encouraging to see such a dramatic shift in recent years. And I hope this trend continues,” comments Enterprise Minister Mark Prisk.

“We need to inspire the next generation of entrepreneurs, showing them the ambitions they can realise in business. The media can play a crucial role in this.”

The research also found an educational role being played by media portrayals, with two-fifths (40 per cent) saying programmes had shown them the practical steps to start a new business.

Read the full report here.

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