The Apprentice final five: highs and lows

As the final of The Apprentice?nears, it’s getting harder and harder to believe that Lord Sugar will soon be handing over £250,000 to one of the candidates.

Susan Ma, Helen Milligan, Natasha Scribbins, Jim Eastwood or Tom Pellereau: who’s got what it takes to battle it out to The Apprentice final?

Every?participant has been convinced that they’re the best to win The Apprentice title, with some big claims from the beginning. Just a selection of their self-assured quotes:

Helen Milligan: “I’m a professional, capable business person. I’m always the last person standing. I’m here to win.”

Natasha Scribbins: “I’ve got enormous self-belief and I’ve never made a wrong decision when it comes to business.”

Tom Pellereau: “I’m an inventor, I find gaps in the market and bring products to it. The Apprentice is like the Olympics for entrepreneurs and I intend on bringing back the gold medal.”

Susan Ma: “People underestimate me at first, but when I do business, I mean business.”

Jim Eastwood: “I’m not a one-trick pony. I am the champion thorough-bred that this process requires.”

The final five: highs and lows

The contestants have fought a long battle to get this far on the show, with each?contestant showing hints of excellence. We pick the highs and lows of each.

Jim Eastwood

Jim Eastwood

He’s charming, dominating and persuasive. The other candidates always look to Jim Eastwood for inspiration and leadership within their team.

High point:?Jim Eastwood dazzled those he dealt with in week three’s selling task, with Nick even commenting, “It was a masterclass in negotiation.”

Low point:?Jim convinced his?Apprentice?teammates to back him in week five as the teams had to make and market a unique pet food product. “For every day, there’s every dog” was the strap line… The idea bombed.

Natasha Scribbins





Natasha Scribbins

Headstrong, hard-talking, hardworking and hard to beat.

High point: Natasha Scribbins has had moments where she’s truly stood out for her determination and energy, particularly in the task where the Apprentice candidates had to create a mobile app which she called “Ampi-App”.

Low point: She lost the plot on the last?Apprentice?task, week ten, failing to grasp the concept of buying more stock and fighting continuously with Susan.

Susan Ma

Susan Ma

This year’s youngest candidate, Susan Ma is bright, enthusiastic and self-assured.

High point: Susan Ma shined in the French task in week eight, showing her understanding of volume, picking the right products and leading her team to a great victory.

Low point: Failing to sell as much as she hoped in the beauty task, Susan Ma lost credibility with the other candidates as she had tried to position herself as a beauty guru that understood the market.

Tom Pellereau

Tom Pellereau

Mad inventor or genuine genius” Tom Pellereau has shown his ability for blue-sky thinking from the get-go, and is fantastically creative and inspired.

High point: Tom Pellereau, nicknamed “The Note Book”, was great at working out the finer details of projects, and pointed out numerous problems on a variety of tasks. His first win, on the rubbish task, was a great moment for the inventor.

Low point: His appalling number of losses in the boardroom and repeated, same defence each week.

Helen Milligan

Helen Milligan

Cool, calm, collected and comfortable in the corporate world. From the beginning Helen Milligan made her mission clear, and won a record nine Apprentice?tasks in a row.

High point: Always on the winning team, Helen shocked other team members as she managed to sell a whopping £214,000 worth of products to La Redoute in week eight.

Low point:“In a bid for power, Helen asked to take the lead role from Melody Hossaini in week ten, and got pulled up in the boardroom for trying to take forward a failing strategy once she had the PM role.

Two huge tasks remain for the Apprentice candidates before the big final. Who do you think is going to win” We know who our money’s on…

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