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The Apprentice: getting pre-interview nerves?

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Apprentice-heads come over all funny about this time Like the candidates preparing for their interview griling, sweaty palms and deep trepidation kick in around lunchtime on Wednesdays. Shall we bid farewell to ghastly Claire Young? Is Lee McQueen about to be rumbled (certainly that’s the impression one’s getting from last week’s prequel and the BBC website)? What sort of beret will Lucinda wear?

If you’re finding it all too much, then you can watch a few clips on the official Apprentice site. Not that they give away much, but it’s intriguing to see Birmingham FC’s Karren Brady getting in on the interview act. (How come, Alec Macleish, if you’re so great, did my club get relegated last season?)

Oh, the excitement… More tomorrow.

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