The Apprentice: the beginning of the end?

The decision to put four candidates through to the final – despite several of them making horrendous interview howlers – beggared belief. In truth it was nothing more than a gimmick: the sure sign of a reality TV show desperately trying to stay fresh and interesting. What next, a hot tub in the garden?

The problem the producers faced was that the last batch of candidates haven’t even been that good this year – whatever Sir Alan may have said about them all having worthy qualities. In the last couple of incarnations, the beaten finalists – Kristina Grimes and the infamous Badger – would have made worthy winners. This year there’s a choice between whiny, soppy-faced Alex (he’s 24, you know), shouty, in-your-face Clare, wide boy Lee or bland Helene.

And worse still, Lee was allowed into the final despite a blatant lie on his CV being exposed (he said he’d spent two years at Thames Valley University when in fact he’d been there for just four months). The Apprentice’s audience is said to contain a lot of teenagers and young people. What kind of message was this to send out to aspiring entrepreneurs?

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