The Apprentice: Who’s your hot pick?

Who, oh who, is going to win The Apprentice 2011?

The guys and gals behind Meltwater Buzz, a social media monitoring tool, have examined which Apprentice candidates are currently being mentioned the most online. Click on the graph above to view the full infographic.

Based on discussions that took place between July 5 and 15 on Twitter, Facebook, blogs and forums, the current “hot pick” is Tom Pellereau, the mad inventor.

Interestingly, Susan is the least-talked about candidate, making her an unlikely winner on Sunday.

What about you who do you think will win The Apprentice” Leave your comments below!

Who do you think will win The Apprentice

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  • Helen Milligan 43.86%
  • Jim Eastwood 12.28%
  • Susan Ma 12.28%
  • Tom Pellereau 31.58%
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