The Apprentice: You’re Fired!

Great panel on this week’s Your Fired. Aside from Tenison, comedian Hugh Dennis and singer Michael Ball joined jovial presenter, Adrian Chiles. to rip the p**s out of cocky Irish boy, Ben.

Tenison was straight in there with her opinion on Ben’s untimely departure from the series. "The Baby Show attracts 25,000 people over three days," she says. "There’s a really high entry fee so people are looking for bargains and to price compare."

Ben and his team failed to "fulfill those requirements," she points out. 

Choosing two niche items: a rocking horse retailing for over £1,700 and a giant inflatable birthing pool, which only appealed to 2.2 per cent of the available demographic, were schoolboy errors. Still, had Empire been able to shift even one of those rocking horses, they would have won the task. And it wasn’t like they didn’t have any opportunity.

The bolshy Ben fell at the first hurdle with negotiations after a prospective customer asked fro a ten per cent discount. Instead of contacting the vendor and grinding down a deal, he turned away business. He admits that his usual bullish spirit was missing: "I’m usually full of it," he laughs.

"Why couldn’t you just do a whip round and make up the extra," asked the canny Tenison. Therein lies the difference between entrepreneurs and wannabe’s: the former find solutions to their problems, unusual though they might be.

Nevertheless, Tenison admits that she warmed to Ben during the programme. "I’ve seen more of your true colours than on previous weeks. You came across as a really arrogant, unpleasant man and actually you’re a nice guy.

"I actually quite like you now," she says.

Highlights from the programme include Alan Sugar‘s "Quote of the week":

"Oh, don’t start banging on about bloody Sandhurst," he groaned, when Ben brought it up for the nth time. "I was in the Jewish Lad’s Brigade at Stanford Hill as a trainer bugler. That didn’t me sell computers when I got older!"

And Laura Tenison’s Apprentice hopeful:

"I have a soft spot for Howard," she says. "He might be the true wildcard in the pack."

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