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The art of setting big goals

“The UK economy is frail,” is a sentence we now know all too well. Like a princess hidden away in the highest tower of some unnameable mountain, we dream of SMEs saving us from the evil witch that is the recession. 

But what the movie Tangled‘s Rapunzel shows us is that you don’t need to wait for the prince to climb the tower. Think big! 

What we need is to get the UK economy back on track with a massive push of entrepreneurial thinking and action.

We already know that setting big goals for 2013 is key, but the challenge is to turn those goals into action. Don’t settle for mediocre just because that’s all there is right now. You have to see what is possible and how much you might be able to achieve. In other words, don’t let your perceived limitations hold you back.

So, what are the benefits to setting big goals?

  • Goals provide a measurement of time for what you need to get done;
  • People will feel more inspired when working towards a goal;
  • Produces a dogged determination;
  • Measuring the progress of your goal will make you focus on what can be improved, and thus make you get better at what you do;
  • Will force you to ask how you will get everything done in the long-run;
  • Will get you thinking of what you might get wrong and ways to make sure that it doesn’t happen; and
  • Most goals provide a deadline. Even if you don’t make the set target, you know you’re not just striving toward an empty dream.

They seem like small sub-text bullet points on the ending page of a presentation, but no matter how simple these benefits seem, they will increase productivity, help you become better prepared for what lies ahead and give you more insight into what your company needs to stay afloat.

The FEA Mission for March ? whose slogan is “Set your sights high” ? is calling female entrepreneurs from all over the UK to make their commitment to doing something big and providing the network, tools and the knowledge entrepreneurs need to make this happen.

Founder of the Female Entrepreneur Association, Carrie Green’s mission stems from the ever growing pressure for independent income, making businesses successful and to move at an unprecedented rate.

Green encourages women to think that “the secret to success is having the right mindset. You?ve got to believe you can do it, even when things seem impossible.” Her aim to get 50,000 women involved is applaudable as not only should more be done to support female entrepreneurs, but the thought that, within reasonable means, anything is possible.

According to Green, there are an initial three simple steps that will make sure you tackle the ambitious goal you have set before you:

  • Tell people what you’re about to do. This will help you feel accountable for actually achieving it;
  • Ask others for help. You don’t have to do it alone; and
  • Go for it and believe you can make it happen.

So, think big and get as close to a happy ending as you’ll get. Big goals are just what we need to give the recently diminished credit rating a boost.



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