The bankers’ dilemma

Still with time on my hands. While waiting for feedback from expert business adviser, I actually get to read the odd newspaper article these days.

Was fascinated to read of the emergence of the new bank discussion, which sparked an interesting conversation (there’s still nothing I like better than a bottle of wine or two at the kitchen table and a good discussion).

On this occasion, the subject is the disparity of the very nature of banking. The banks’ purpose is to safeguard people’s money – and yet their duty lies in making the best possible profits for their shareholders. This split interest means that conflict is inevitable.

To some extent, every business owner is subject to the same pressures. In the best interests of our suppliers, we’d pay their highest prices. In the best interests of our customers, we’d give them goods at knock-down prices with unlimited service. In the best interests of my staff, I’d work all the hours that God gave. But, as a business owner and stakeholder, all those courses of action would totally fail my best interests.

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