The Beechams diet

Feel full of flu. Aware that I have lived on Beechams for over a week. Must not become permanent diet. 

Builders still at home leaving no possible respite to put feet up, which is starting to drive me totally crackers. Result is that tension levels – both my own and Second-in-Charge’s – are running high. Ferocious schedule doesn’t help. Two out of three of our new recruits, however, have started and are coming along well, and next year’s furniture pieces look excitingly good. Can we pull off doing the rest of them off by end of next week? Little bit of a tall order – even by our standards – but not yet impossible. Second-in-Charge very much on a mission and muttering that he will sack next person who says, “Can’t”. Meanwhile, I receive stiff lecture about looking after myself and am told firmly that he will not work on anything directly with me untill stress levels are down. Is it really just women who are so affected by living with builders?

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