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Recently, we re-read the very first edition of Real Business, when it was launched as a magazine in 1997. And Stuart Rock’s first editorial still rings true today. Our values haven’t changed.

Here’s what he said:

?Real Business is, first and foremost, about growing companies. As a readership, all of you run businesses that employ between ten and 500 people. The national press gives you scant attention. So we intend to put that right. Real Business is for people like you, produced by people like you.

What is Real Business not about? We’re not about fat cats, silly business jargon and the over-complicated theories of gurus. The worst sin we can commit is being boring.

We do intend to be practical. For example, our future plans include making acquisitions. But where does a small, growing business find any sound, relevant advice about such an important step ? and before the professional advisers start oiling their machines? Not anywhere in the national newspapers. Nor in the trade and specialist press. You’ll find it here in Real Business.

Real Business isn’t just about clear, hard information. We are pro-business and intend to campaign on your behalf on the pressing issues of the day. That doesn’t mean joining in a chorus of undignified whining that every now and again passes for lobbying on behalf of small and medium-sized businesses.

Business life isn’t just about profit and loss and cash. After all, the toughest issues for many entrepreneurs is the soft stuff; how to keep your life civilised and in balance; how to keep talented employees motivated.”

So we thought that we should make July a special month to publish our most popular articles, by traffic – as well as some of our landmark articles written over 16 years of Real Business. Our July jewels will include:

What was the best complaint letter that Richard Branson ever received?

How do you get a blank book to the top of the Amazon charts?

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