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The commute is a hotbed for podcasts and future goals

What people do during their commute is as different as the people themselves, an article by Peter Vogt for Monster noted. For example, the News & Observer?profiled a woman who, among other things, lifts weights to pump up her biceps during a daily 328-mile round-trip commute.

A?Wall Street JournalArticle described a former rock band drummer who sees his short commute as the only time he can get back on stage and cranks the radio volume as high as he likes. Even the satirical?Onion at one point offered a headline that’s more truth than fiction: ‘Commuter Playing Some Sort of Alphabet Sudoku’.

You’ll always find someone sleeping, reading, staring forlornly out the window as the landscape passes by, or using a smart device to explore the world of social media. Some take to blasting music at full volume, while others scout the train merely because it’s interesting to see what everyone gets up to.

What about the person intently holding onto something, doing a little surfing balancing act’so as not to fall on someone’s lap” Or the one everyone eyes carefully as they’re hanging heir head and leaning back in a bout of travel sickness?

Many have also sought to analyse what successful business people do to keep sane and start the day afresh, but let’s face it, the response is just as varied. We got reeled into this very conversation and found ourselves keen to quiz an entrepreneur onthe subject.

So during one of our Black Cab Entrepreneur interviews, we asked Fanbytes CEO and co-founder Timothy Armoo what he thought about or did on the way to work.

He advocates podcasts, claiming it a great way to get your head thinking straight off the bat. It gives you something to do as well. In particular, I listen to something called Serial it’s a mystery thriller podcast in which a reporter details her investigation ofAn actual murder case.

One Sarah Koenig taps into her 1999 experience, unveiling a little bit of the story each week, and Armoo explains that he’s one of many trying to work out the suspect with her.

?On a more serious note though,” he said, A lot of my time is dedicated to thinking about thought leadership, future goals and the direction of the industry.

Find out more about Armoo in the video below, or tune into his?full interview session.



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