The definition of an entrepreneur

After setting up his own business with a little help from the Prince’s Trust in the late nineties, Brian Jenner has embarked on a project to inform fellow entrepreneurs about the trials and tribulations of starting a business, with some very useful hints and tips along the way. The book is organised like a glossary of terms, with entries from "Accounts" to "Zihuatanejo". This week, we bring you the excerpt labelled "Courage".

CourageOne definition of an entrepreneur is a person who doesn’t have a job. When I first expressed the idea of setting out on my own, I remained attached to the idea of having the security of a job.

I had a day off midweek and I was sitting in a downmarket cafe with an American friend in Shepherd’s Bush. He said to me: "Look at these people. They don’t have jobs. They still survive. You don’t need a job to survive."

You can buy Jenner’s book from the Chasing My Invoice website. Alternatively, why not let us know your definition of an entrepreneur? Post your comment below.

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